Our mission as a social enterprise: to implement sustainable and bottom-up initiatives


At Provito Company, we believe in being purpose driven. We build the best teams possible and launch new projects that develop our community.

Provito is a social enterprise that's here to use our strengths to support the best in our communities. Our approach attracts some of the most driven individuals to our mission. We then combine our backgrounds and use those talents to support good causes.

We only take on projects that can truly help the greater community. That means you'll only see Provito working on projects that support our cities, our nonprofits, and other purpose-driven companies. 


Our Beginnings

Provito Company was started in January 2016 to design and implement quality of life initiatives. Based in Valparaiso, IN, we started as a team of community-loving and action-driven people who simply wanted to make our hometown better. 

Provito's first project, the eCity Initiative of Valparaiso, officially began in March 2016. Our philosophy at Provito is to mix action with lessons learned, meaning as we implement projects we also freely share our feedback. By sharing our progress, we hope to enable more people to improve their communities.

Open Positions

Operations Team

Do you want to improve the community? Do you know how to get things done in a clear and professional way? Join our operations team to be part of the hands-on action.


  • Past volunteer experience in the community. (if you don't have this, get it)
  • History of continuous improvement in writing and speaking
  • Ability to take direction and 'run with it'

Engagement Team

Do you love people and enjoy finding ways to help others? Do you have a knack for making things look great or talking with people? Join our engagement team as we connect individuals within the community.


  • Past engagment within the community (if you don't have this, get it)
  • History of continuous improvement
  • Ability to take direction and 'run with it'

Strategy Team

Do you love coming up with great ideas and finding better ways to do things? Do you value the place you live and wish to make it even better? Join our strategy team to connect with fellow big thinkers and builders.


  • Open to changing your mind
  • Ability to listen & contribute


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