We run projects to make our communities better.


At Provito Company, we believe in being purpose driven. Our main focus is managing quality of life initiatives. We have several ongoing programs with additional projects we have successfully wrapped-up.

Our projects are across different industries, but are all focused on improving quality of life. We are always open to building teams, and launching new projects as well, so check out our site and let us know if you'd like to get involved.


Our Timeline

Before officially forming Provito Company, we started our pilot project in the summer of 2014, a business center called Zoseco Coworking. This was built to serve as a hub for entrepreneurs in Valparaiso, Indiana. It also worked as our home office and as an early experiment into starting a small business. From Zoseco Coworking, we began hosting meetups and special events in Valparaiso as a way to connect business and community-minded individuals.

In 2015, we began work on a second coworking space in a neighboring city. It failed, and we learned some important lessons.

In January 2016, we officially incorporated Provito in order to branch into new projects, while allowing Zoseco Coworking to continue serving entrepreneurs and residents in Valparaiso. In February 2016, we started hosting events called the Downtown Professional. These events are to help people in their 20s and 30s make meaningful connections and friendships in our city, while introducing parts of the city to more people. In March 2016, our company took on the eCity project with the city of Valparaiso in order to build on momentum after being titled Google's digital capital for the state of Indiana. In October 2016 we began supporting nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses with fundraising efforts and predictive analysis. 

In 2017, we began support of transit and downtown housing projects. We also started work on a conference to support nonprofits grow.

We continue to manage projects in these areas, and are always working to accomplish more.

Open Positions

Program Manager Intern

Do you want to improve the community? Do you know how to get things done in a clear and professional way? Join our team to be part of the hands-on action. Our Product Manager internship is an opportunity to mix operations with consulting type work. Our interns will work as a team to accomplish business goals with company staff, leadership and fellow interns.


  • Past volunteer experience in the community. (if you don't have this, get it)
  • History of continuous improvement
  • Ability to take direction and 'run with it'

To apply for the Program Manager Internship, apply on the Indiana Intern website located here.

Engagement Team

Do you love people and enjoy finding ways to help others? Do you have a knack for making things look great or talking with people? Join our engagement team as we connect individuals within the community.


  • Past engagment within the community (if you don't have this, get it)
  • History of continuous improvement
  • Ability to take direction and 'run with it'

Strategy Team

Do you love coming up with great ideas and finding better ways to do things? Do you value the place you live and wish to make it even better? Join our strategy team to connect with fellow big thinkers and builders.


  • Open to changing your mind
  • Ability to listen & contribute


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