We're changing the way everyone looks at housing.


At Provito, we offer a third style of housing that allows renters to build equity at a better rate than a traditional 30 year mortgage. It's even better than that, because our renters don't build equity in just one unit they have to stay in, but in a portfolio across multiple projects and geographic areas as a way to encourage people to grow and thrive.

Our Rent + Equity platform not only helps renters build a nest egg and financial resiliency, but it also gives social-impact investors a way to support purpose-driven housing while helping property owners attract the best tenants with lowered expenses and fewer headaches.


Rent + Equity

Our platform is built to provide the best renting experience, the best landlord experience, and the best social investment experience. It works as a symphony of greatness to build a better future.



Property owners who use our service are connected to renters with a vested interest in maintaining their unit. This model is shown to have lower vacancy rates, fewer expenses, and longer-lasting renters. Contact us for more information on how to join the Rent + Equity program.



We were tired of hearing the same argument of owning vs renting. With people moving to new cities throughout their careers and with student loans at an all time high, buying one house just makes less sense. Instead, our renters build equity at a rate faster than a 30 year mortgage while having access to a great community of peers and new friends.



We're here to build lasting financial resiliency in a massive range of the population. Our investors understand the need for slow capital and yet are still interested in seeing change happen quickly. We're a business for good. Our business model makes sense and we're not a charity; at the end of the day we exist to to help a ton of people.

Our Team's Timeline

After the experience of opening a coworking space in 2014 and getting involved in the local community, work began on a second coworking space in 2015 at a neighboring city. It didn't really go so well. A bit after that failure, the idea for a Rent + Equity model of housing came to mind in late 2015. By January 2016, Provito Company was incorporated to be a vehicle for working on the Rent + Equity idea.

In the true spirit of figuring things out as we go, we started to take on a bunch of random projects. In February 2016, we started hosting events called the Downtown Professional. These events were to help people in their 20s and 30s make meaningful connections and friendships in our city, while introducing parts of the city to more people. In March 2016, our company took on the eCity project with the city of Valparaiso in order to build on momentum after being titled Google's digital capital for the state of Indiana. In October 2016 we began supporting nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses with fundraising efforts and online advertising. And then in 2017, we began to support our city's transit and downtown housing projects; while building a business segment of white-label Pay Per Click (PPC). 

All the while, we kept moving along with the Rent + Equity concept at different levels of intensity. But now, we're all-in.

Elias Crim
Engagement Lead

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Britnee Berman
Experimental Data Manager

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Alyson Banks
Procedures Lead