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In housing there's the choice to rent or buy. At Provito, we think there should be a third option where you can build equity in a portfolio of properties while enjoying the flexibility of renting. 

Under our Rent + Equity model, responsible renters gain equity in a portfolio of units across multiple projects and geographic areas, helping them build both a nest egg and financial resiliency. At the same time, existing landlords discover better tenants who help protect and grow their assets without diluting ownership in their existing property. Provito's Rent + Equity was developed from the ground up to provide the ultimate renter and landlord experiences. 



Rent + Equity gives landlords access to the absolute best renters, who in turn create fewer challenges, lowered operating expenses, and shorter vacancies. Landlords can do all of this without losing an ounce of ownership in their properties. Our unique platform creates a huge win for landlords, renters, and the communities we call home. Contact us below to find out more on joining the Rent + Equity program.




We’ve grown tired of hearing the same argument of owning vs renting. People are on the move, student loans are at an all time high, and property prices are increasing far faster than wages. The reality is that buying one house and building equity on a 30 year mortgage makes less sense than in years past. Renting has become the better choice for many people, but it still has its downfalls. That’s why we designed the Rent + Equity platform. Best of all, Provito members build equity at a rate faster than a 30 year mortgage, all while having access to a great community of peers and new friends. We’re looking for renters who are willing to have some skin in the game. Use the contact form below to find out more on joining the Rent + Equity program.

PARTNERS & Nonprofits


If you’re interested in bringing the Rent + Equity model to your own community and building financial resiliency right at home, then please consider a partnership with Provito. We’re partnering with nonprofits focused on affordable housing, poverty alleviation, and support of ALICE (asset limited, income constrained, employed) individuals. A partnership with us allows nonprofits to expand their own services in a way that’s custom built for the needs of their mission. Use the Learn More form below to discuss more.