Provito is for community. In 2014, founder Eric Zosso opened a coworking space in Valparaiso, bringing together innovative minds around the city in need of both a desk and an opportunity to collaborate. A year later, an idea came to mind which would shift the housing industry towards more sustainable ownership models: Rent + Equity. By early 2016, Provito Company was incorporated as a vehicle to drive the model all the way across the country.

Provito is for adventure. In the spirit of figuring things out as we go, our team soon undertook a handful of random projects. By February of 2016, we found ourselves hosting the Downtown Professional, a series of events to help 20 and 30 somethings make meaningful connections in the city. In March, Provito took on the eCity project to build momentum after Valparaiso was named Google's "digital capital of Indiana." With fundraising efforts and online advertising in October, we were sponsoring nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses. By 2017, we were backing the city's transit and downtown housing projects with research. All the while, our team built out a business segment with white-label Pay Per Click (PPC)

Provito is for looking forward. Throughout it all, we've kept things moving with the Rent + Equity. Our team has found it's groove for the housing industry and is ready to move full speed ahead. We're here to manage properties in a way that shares risk and reward and supports sustainable housing practitioners for our future. 


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