What's an eCity? 

Google recently named Valparaiso the eCity of Indiana, which is an award recognizing the one city in each state who has built the strongest online business community. Based on 2015 data, Valparaiso won thanks to the small and medium businesses who are using online platforms to attract new customers, engage current customers, and grow their local community.

While many cities chose to use this award as a branding and marketing technique, Valparaiso was among the smaller subset of cities who made this into an initiative to help spur economic development and community growth. With support from the Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission, Valparaiso’s eCity Initiative started in April 2016.

Whether you are a Valparaiso community member looking for ways to get involved with the eCity Initiative, a business looking to gain the eCity business certification, or another municipality looking to strengthen its own community - we encourage you to browse the City Toolkit and the Initiative's On-Going Metrics.

The Initiative's 2016 Goals

Help people, nonprofits, and local businesses achieve more through the power of connecting.



Valparaiso is an amazing place to live. Our goal of being the most civically-engaged city of its size means we must be inclusive. We treat community as a verb, so we connect current and future residents.



Valparaiso is home to amazing nonprofits dedicated to improving lives. Using existing tools, we're working to connect local nonprofits together, to new supporters, and the people they serve.



Valparaiso has one of the highest numbers of businesses per capita--we are a city of entrepreneurs. Our future depends on connecting local businesses together and with the non-local marketplace.