How Rent + Equity works


find your Place

Sign a lease with an apartment offering Rent + Equity. We pre-screen each apartment to ensure it’s an amazing place to live.


Meet your Neighbors

Meet your neighbors at one of our monthly hangouts. They’re a mix of fun, connection, and lifelong learning.


We match your rent

We put about 10% of your rent in your equity account monthly, which is even better than most 30 year mortgages.


You watch your Equity grow

Your equity account grows each month. Much like buying a home, it’s saving for the long term. Unlike buying a home, it doesn’t take 3 years before “breaking even”. That happens pretty much immediately.


Why it works

Good for Landlords

We help landlords keep their units full of awesome, connected renters. In turn, this lowers their costs in marketing, maintenance, vacancy, and turnover. Those expenses often raise rent by about 20%. We help pass part of the savings on to renters each month.

Good for Renters

We help renters build their nest egg and community ties. To make it even better for renters, we make sure they are paying the same market rate for their unit. This gives renters a way to build wealth with their housing, without the debt and risk of a mortgage.


Good for Neighbors

Our model only works because we provide real value to our renters and landlords. We help landlords improve their units and we reinvest in the quality of life of our neighborhoods, which goes a long way in growing our model to future neighborhoods.

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