Why A Nonprofit Conference?

The nonprofit community around Northern Indiana is incredibly involved in making life better for residents. We wanted to bring some of the best minds together in a way to make our non-profit community even stronger.

We asked dozens of nonprofits about what they wanted to learn, and coordinating with other nonprofits was one of the top picks. This conference will keep that in mind while addressing more topics like "bringing on engaged millennials", "succession planning", fundraising improvements", and "combining efforts across multiple nonprofits"

Why is Provito Launching it?

Provito was launched to make our communities even stronger. We do this currently with projects for businesses, nonprofits and cities, and we're uniquely positioned to support our local nonprofits. Provito is a group of mostly-millennials who want to help solve new and emerging challenges. We knew we were on the right track when we saw there was interest across local nonprofits to better understand the millennial perspective for future fundraising, engagement, volunteerism, and staffing questions. 

It's also important to note that Provito isn't doing it alone. We're bringing in help and expertise from United Way of Porter County, The Porter County Community Foundation, and some local nonprofit professionals who want to make this an incredibly valuable experience.

Provito Company is a strategy-consulting company based in Valparaiso Indiana. It is incorporated as a social enterprise focused on improving community engagement as a foundation for future success. Provito Company has launched several organic programs, and has led several more projects on behalf of our partners.

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What is Provito Company?

Features Overview

Provito Company's Nonprofit Conference 2018 is based on a wide-range of feedback from local nonprofit leaders and sponsors. This list of topics and talks is based on that recent research.


As the largest portion of employed workers in the US Economy, millennials represent a growing force in future communities. They also represent a way for current nonprofits to expand and succeed into the future. Our talks and sessions will go over successful ways to engage millenials that the top-performing nonprofits across the country have started to uncover.

Volunteer Engagement

A thriving volunteer ecosystem provides so much more than "free" labor. It also expands overall reach, market awareness, and future fundraising opportunities. With the help of United Way of Porter County, we'll go over how to segment different types of volunteers, how to keep them involved, and how to turn those star volunteers into superheroes.

New, Unique Fundraisers

Golf Outings, Evening Galas, and Award Ceremonies are some of the staples for nonprofit fundraisers. Our talks and sessions include information on more unique fundraisers that can build a broader base of support and still engage the 20% of advocates who represent 80% of a nonprofit's revenue.