Want to own a property where you live in one unit and rent out (or Airbnb) the others? Great, because that's exactly what we build. We see our projects as a way to help bridge the gap from renters to owners to investors. Whether you own a piece of land currently, or are interested in becoming an owner, we can make that dream a reality. The best part is our projects will cost you about the same amount as rent, thanks to the added revenue of the rental units. You can even manage it yourself, or we'll take care of the property and help you find great renters.

How we make it work

We build energy-efficient townhouses and multi-unit homes that can be purchased with FHA, VA, and conventional loans. These developments can also include commercial spaces on the lower level and living units up top. These types of properties are what you tend to find in walkable communities and in cute European villages, and they age far better than a single family home out in the burbs. Using quality materials with longevity in mind, our properties combine curb appeal with a low lifetime cost of ownership. Below are some examples of multi-family homes you can purchase on conventional and FHA loans.

Comparing Renters, Owners, and Investors

Median Net-Worth

Correlation and Causation

In this chart of Median Net-worths, we see renters have a median net-worth of about $5,000, homeowners at about $220,000, and rental property owners at about $310,000. This doesn't mean owning a property causes people to become wealthy, but it does show a strong correlation. 

Our goal with Provito property development is to help more renters and home-owners become investment property owners. We do this by developing 2-unit, 3-unit, and 4-unit properties that can be purchased via traditional means like a conventional loan or even FHA loans by a surprising number of individuals and families.

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Let's get started

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