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We freely share lessons learned

Practitioners not theorists, we identify new ideas, research and best practices based on our first-hand experiences. We are happy to discuss this information freely to interested parties. Please use our contact page to collaborate.

We've Designed & Implemented Quality of Life Initiatives

Since our founding, we've built projects that are the right-sized fit for our partner communities. We work to bring about higher quality of life initiatives as this has the best rate of return for economic development. [1]

  • Downtown business collaborations
  • Digital city projects
  • Transit service surveys
  • City impression surveys
  • City-love campaigns
  • Young professional gatherings
  • Social capital projects
  • Exporting/sales support
  • Nonprofit advertising help

We've run community research and analysis

Our teams will find the baseline level of community engagement and determine the best project options to assist economic development goals. 

  • Digital City analysis
  • Community engagement surveys
  • Downtown housing surveys
  • Likelihood of moving surveys
  • Transit rider surveys
  • Millennial impression surveys


[1] Ball State University, "What Comes First, People or Jobs: Evidence and Lessons for Indiana" 2016